Will you stand with us in support of the Catholic Appeal?

Our Catholic faith is deeply important to both of us, and we were so honored to be asked to serve as co-chairs of this year's Catholic Appeal. In this capacity, we hope to show our gratitude to our pastors, our parish communities, and all the ministries of the Archdiocese of Boston that, together, help so many of us live our faith every day. Through the Catholic Appeal, we are standing with other Catholics in support of the greater mission of our Church -- a mission which has been entrusted to us by a loving God. We hope you'll stand with us.

Together, our gifts to the Catholic Appeal each year help to fund the more than 50 ministries that support our parishes, our schools, and each of us as we seek to nurture and grow our faith. With the many challenges we have faced, as individuals, families, and communities over recent months, this work is more needed and meaningful than ever.

Among the many wonderful works supported by the Appeal are:

-- Parishes: providing expert research and information to keep our priests, parishioners, and visitors safe.

-- Schools: offering expertise that help students and teachers return to and stay safe in the classroom.

-- Social Justice Ministry: planning an annual virtual convocation to promote the dignity of all people.

-- Marriage Preparation: helping engaged couples prepare for marriage with a strong foundation of faith.

-- Ministry for Persons with Disabilities: organizing programs and resources to continue to welcome families with persons with disabilities into our parishes.

-- Addiction Recovery and Mental Health Programs: offering support and faith-based resources to all those affected by these issues.

The Appeal provides half of the funding for these and the more than 50 ministries of our archdiocese. Doing all this work -- during a year like no other -- has not been easy, and the need continues.

During the month of October, all gifts to the Catholic Appeal will be matched -- up to $100,000 by a generous donor. If you have not already done so, please consider making your gift to the appeal this month to take advantage of this opportunity to double the impact of your donation and support those doing God's work across our archdiocese and beyond.

Your support means so much to so many. Will you stand with us?

To learn more about the life-changing work of the Catholic Appeal, or to donate online, visit bostoncatholicappeal.org.