From Cardinal Seán's blog

Last Saturday, I had the ordination of one of the friars of my province, Father Michael Herlihey.

This is one of four Capuchin ordinations I have this year. It was held at St. Augustine Church in Pittsburgh, where I was ordained 54 years ago and where we have many of our professions and ordinations. So, it was a great joy to be there with so many friars from our province.

It's always a great joy to celebrate the ordination of one of our new priests, so I was very pleased to be there to ordain Father Michael.

Organ recital

Tuesday, we hosted an organ recital at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross by Dr. Bridgette Wargovich, director of sacred music at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Portland, Maine.

Bridgette is the sister of Father Paul Wargovich, and we were so pleased that her sisters, her parents, and Father Paul could join us for the concert.

She is exceptionally talented, and we were delighted to host her at the cathedral, where we have our historic Hook and Hastings organ, which is one of the finest in the country.

Redemptoris Mater Seminary

Sunday, I went to our Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Brookline for the institution of acolytes and lectors. It was so encouraging to have such a large group of seminarians making their way towards priestly ordination.

For me, this has been such a wonderful time of celebrating ordinations and ministries, which are such a sign of hope in the Church.

Visit at the cathedral

On Monday, I was visited by Mother Noeline Namusoke, the mother general of the Daughters of Mary, Uganda, who was accompanied by Sister Maria Goretti Nassali, who is a teacher and the director of campus ministry at Austin Prep.

Mother Noeline was visiting the local community of her sisters and came to greet me. Her visit also coincided with the big celebration of the Feast of the Ugandan Martyrs at St. Mary's Parish in Waltham. So, I was happy to hear she was able to participate in that.

Meeting at the cathedral

That afternoon, I met with Sylvia Fernandez del Castillo of our Pro-Life Office and Mike and Sharon Morley, a couple who are very involved with the St. Alfio Society in Lawrence.

It was a chance for me to thank Sylvia for her wonderful work on the Hispanic Pro-life Congress, which was such a success thanks to her hard work. The St. Alfio Society was a great help to Sylvia in organizing the eucharistic procession and other activities of the congress.

During our meeting, Sharon presented me with a portrait she had painted of me. Apparently, when I was at the Three Saints Festival several years ago, they took a photograph, and from that photograph, she painted the portrait. It was obviously created with great talent and affection, and I was so grateful to receive it.