Innovation marks new school year at Sacred Heart High

KINGSTON — As Sacred Heart High School looks forward to its 50th graduating class in May of 2007 administrators marked the start of the academic year by expanding the school’s faculty, broadening its curriculum and further integrating technology in both school facilities and course offerings.

To challenge the students in the study of world languages, Sacred Heart has added an on-campus language laboratory. The new lab offers an innovative and interactive learning environment for both teachers and students and will utilize the latest information technology solutions, has high-quality audio, video, internet capability and multi-media utilizing a variety of learning resources.

Faculty members will further their efforts to integrate technology into the classroom at all levels this fall. Both introductory and presentation-level computer technology courses have been added to the curriculum in order to expand learning opportunities for students in grades seven through 12.

In addition, Sacred Heart will participate in a four-year research project funded by the Department of Education and Texas Instruments involving the teaching of Algebra. Math teacher Claudette Cardey, with the encouragement of Principal John Enos III, pursued a grant through Ohio State University which ultimately enabled Sacred Heart to be chosen as one of only 120 schools in the nation to participate in “Classroom Connectivity in Promoting Mathematics and Science Achievement.”

In response to increased enrollment figures, the Sacred Heart Guidance Office welcomed Sister Janice Carmen, SND, to their staff to counsel students in grades seven through nine. The school also increased its Science and Technology Department staff as well as the Religious Studies Department.

Administrators implemented a new class scheduling system at the school this fall as well. The new system now allows for the scheduling of daily tutorials in all academic subjects and facilitates greater teacher/student contact both in and out of the traditional classroom setting.