2009 Boston Catholic Directory scheduled for March release

The archdiocesan annual directory, which is usually published in January, will be released in March this year. The release has been delayed this year due to the move of the archdiocese’s central administration to the Pastoral Center in Braintree.

The front cover this year salutes the two parishes celebrating their sesquicentennial anniversaries: St. Mary Parish in Foxborough, on the outside front; and St. Francis de Sales Parish in Charlestown, on the inside front. Two long time advertisers, Andrew Lane Religious Goods of Peabody; and ADC Architects of North Andover are featured on the outside and inside back covers, respectively.

The first section of the 2009 directory will contain detailed information about the Universal Church, the archdiocesan leadership and parishes in a format similar similar to that of the 2008 edition, with corrected and updated information according to reports from parishes and archdiocesan offices.

In addition to an expanded advertising section, this year’s directory features a major revision to the “curia section,” the section that lists the various offices and agencies in the administration of the archdiocese and the entities associated with them. Many organizations and groups serve the wide, embracing mission of the archdiocese and are key elements to the services provided to the people, parishes and the wider community.

This section has been rearranged to reflect the major changes in the archdiocesan administration brought on by the reorganization of the archdiocesan cabinet and central services, and the move of almost all of those services to the new Pastoral Center.

All parishes in the archdiocese will receive at least 20 copies of the 2009 Directory and make them available for sale to regular users and new customers. Thanks to the expanded advertising effort, the cost of the nearly 600 page volume will remain at $25.00 per copy this year.

Copies will also be available for purchase at religious goods dealers including: Andrew Lane in Peabody; Pauline Books and Media in Dedham; the Sisters Disciples of the Divine Master in its Boston and Braintree stores; and Tally’s Religious Goods in Cranston, R.I.

Read your parish bulletin or listen for pulpit announcements on the availability of the directory in your parish. Notices will be made in the The Pilot as soon as the new directory is published -- another indication that the books have arrived in parishes and to religious goods dealers.