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Gospel gives strength to weather life's storms, pope tells Peruvians

TRUJILLO, Peru (CNS) -- Encouraging the people of one of Peru's most battered cities, Pope Francis said the Gospel message can give Christians strength and hope to navigate amid life's storms. Celebrating Mass Jan. 20 in the northern coastal city of Trujillo, Pope Francis said he knew the tragic consequences the people have suffered because of an unusual weather pattern that meteorologists dubbed a "coastal El Nino."

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Laughter defeats temptation of self-importance, pope tells religious

TRUJILLO, Peru (CNS) -- Laughter is the best medicine for religious men and women to overcome the temptation of feeling too important or being too busy to serve others, Pope Francis said. A joyful self-awareness can help those in religious life to not "slack in the work of evangelization" and keep clear from a Messiah complex, the pope told priests, seminarians and men and women in consecrated life from various parts of Peru.

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