Boston Catholic Directory 2024 undergoing final editing

The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur are celebrating the 175th anniversary of their arrival in our archdiocese and all of New England. They will grace the cover of the 2024 edition of the Boston Catholic Directory (BCD).

Some final entries and edits remain to be completed. The happy appointment of our new auxiliary bishop and our desire to have him properly represented in the 2024 BCD, not only in the many places where his name would be entered, but also with his photo and coat of arms with the other auxiliary bishops, explains part of the delay.

Additionally, there are some changes in staff of some archdiocesan offices and agencies and some requested a bit more time to ensure that the most accurate information is available to BCD users.

We are hoping to get the final version to the press by the middle of this month with delivery to the parishes, agencies, institutions and religious goods dealers in the archdiocese following.

The Pilot will have information for BCD users once copies have been shipped and are available. Watch The Pilot -- print and online -- for the announcement.