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'During my visit with the workers I had an opportunity to get acquainted with an electric screwdriver for the first time. I discovered I am much more adept at the manual variety!' Pilot photo/CardinalSeansBlog.org

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For us as Catholics, the celebration of the Eucharist is the most sacred event in our life as an ecclesial community. It is where Christ makes a gift of himself to us, where he gathers us as his people, where he feeds us with the word of life and with his Body and Blood. The whole meaning of Eucharist is one of love, sacrifice and unity. A 'black mass' is a sacrilegious parody of the eucharistic celebration. It is a negation of all of the ideals that are signified by the Eucharist. It is for this reason that the Catholic community was so disturbed by the announcement that a student group at Harvard was going to sponsor a black mass in one of their most venerable buildings, Memorial Hall.

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