Cardinal's statement on recent events at St. Cecilia Church in Boston

Cardinal Seán P. O'Malley issued the following statement June 22, in response to recent events at St. Cecilia Church in Boston.

The philosophical and political agenda of Gay Pride in relation to marriage and sexual morality is incompatible with the Church's teachings. For that reason, Father Unni rescheduled a Mass of welcome for all his parishioners to a time that would not associate the Mass with the Gay Pride agenda.

I realize that Catholics who have same-sex attractions are often criticized by their friends for coming to Mass and that the parents and friends of homosexual members of our Church are distressed that their loved ones feel rejected by their Church. We want all baptized Catholics to come to Mass and be part of our community, but we cannot compromise the teaching of the Church rooted in Scripture and tradition.

We hope that all Catholics will come to experience the love of Christ in our community and that in that love they will find the courage and strength to embrace the cross that is part of the life of discipleship.

It is regrettable that there has been so much confusion about this matter. I hope the statement on my blog' target='_blank'>">blog of last week and The Pilot editorial "A' target='_blank'>">"A teachable moment" will help people to understand the Church's teaching. We must be a community that reflects both the love and the truth of the Gospel.