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Name CityRegion
Saint George Framingham West
Saint Gregory Dorchester Central
Saint Ignatius of Loyola Newton West
Saint Irene Carlisle West
Saint Isidore Lakeville, Middleborough, Rochester South
Saint Isidore the Farmer Stow West
Saint James Haverhill Merrimack
Saint James Stoughton South
Saint James the Greater Boston Central
Saint Jerome Weymouth South
Saint John Chrysostom Boston Central
Saint John Paul Second Shrine of Divine Mercy Salem North
Saint John the Baptist Haverhill Merrimack
Saint John the Baptist Peabody North
Saint John the Baptist Quincy South
Saint John the Evangelist Beverly North
Saint John the Evangelist Cambridge Central
Saint John the Evangelist Chelmsford Merrimack
Saint John the Evangelist East Bridgewater South
Saint John the Evangelist Hopkinton West
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